Having a Ball Having it All

Jul 02

My new Facebook cover photo! Thanks, mollybob (and sorry about your name).

My new Facebook cover photo! Thanks, mollybob (and sorry about your name).

Jul 01

My Children Love Hanging Their Organic Underpants in the Sun

A colleague told me a horrible story this morning about her toddler spreading poo-poo all over his crib. Yuck! Little Edie and Little Eddie were both potty trained by the time they were six months old (and even that felt a little late…) They love helping me hand wash their organic cotton underpants and hang them to dry in the sun…


Photo by Tim Johnson

Jun 26

Quick Thought of the Day

It’s so easy to focus on one thing at a time! 

Jun 25

Oh, Toddlers!

This morning I had to take three deep breaths when Edie wanted to skip her sunrise vinyasa flow in favor of a Kundalini meditation sequence.

Photo by DD on Flickr

Jun 23

Today I flowed seamlessly and effortlessly from one task to another. Wait, was that yesterday? Silly me! It’s every day!

Jun 22

I Never Get Tired!

So many people whine at me daily about “I didn’t get enough sleep,” “I’m so worn out from doing this or that”… I just don’t get it. They must not be eating enough superfoods. 

Jun 20

I’m the One That I Like

I’m thrilled to report that as of today, I’m back on Tumblr after a very nourishing social media cleanse. Every morning for the past few weeks I’ve lit a Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Deluxe Candle (energizing) and reminded myself of my intention to BE. HERE. NOW. while repeating the following mantra: “I like myself. I follow myself. I am my favorite.”

May 23

Moms paying pros $1,000 to pack their kids for camp -

What a great business idea!

May 21

“In the wake of my friend Jill Abramson’s unceremonious firing from the New York Times last week, much has been written about how difficult it is to be a confident woman in today’s workforce without being considered a b-word. As a female executive myself (I’m the SVP of a boutique digital marketing agency in SoHo) I thought now would be a good time to share my advice for being both confident and likable…” — http://saltedscarletry.com/2014/05/20/confident-without-b-word/

May 16

Sexy weekend smoothies

Take 1 pound of chia. Add 2 bushels organic kale, an acre of acai and twelve miles of flax. Blend while holding loving thoughts in your heart. Say a prayer for wounded kittens. Do 13 minutes of Kegel exercises. Enjoy.